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Here's where your money is going this week . . .

Thank you all for donating and supporting our campaign for peace.

You helped us raise almost $800 for our partner program in Aruba, Stealers Basketball. Stealers Basketball is focused on healthy youth development through sports. The organization is headed by Geraldo Milton, who is also president of the national basketball federation on the island of Aruba.

Geraldo is a service-minded leader. He truly cares about the youth of his island. He, his wife Valeska, his partner coach Anselmo Matthew, and many others in the organization have volunteered their time and resources to provide opportunities for their youth to grow and prosper through involvement in sports and prosocial activities.

They take a community-first approach to their organization, stressing community-partnerships, volunteerism, and parental involvement. We couldn’t be more proud to work alongside them this week.

The money you donated to our campaign will help this great organization in its efforts to improve the lives of their boys and girls through sports.

Where we come in . . .

CourtVision International will be working alongside Stealers Basketball to conduct a peacebuilding workshop this week with 14–18 year old boys and girls living on the island.

This workshop is a program that we have conducted all over the world called the GameChangers Challenge. It is designed to encourage youth to develop a global mindset, improve their communication and mediation skills, and assume leadership roles in conflict resolution scenarios.

It’s fun, interactive, and extremely challenging.

But this is not all your money will do . . .

Your money will also help inspire a two-way dialogue between youth and adults living on the island. In short, we help youth ask the tough questions. We help adults give the tough answers.

Through our program’s use of sports and technology, we provide a safe space for dialogue between youth and adults on questions like:

“What is one thing youth should know about their future?”

“What don’t adults in your life understand about you?”

“Do you worry/do you have hope about the future of your community because of adults? because of kids?”

We have found that our program gives youth the confidence and ability to “speak out” and, at the same time, our program encourages adults to listen.

Your money will help these conversations take place. Your money is making the world a better place.




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